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Team building with lots of fun

Our highly popular team building sessions create laughter, fun and a highly unique experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time to come while giving companies the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius. Our location in Malaga downtown have large capacity to 21 people per session

To find the key and escape teams must:

* COMMUNICATE – Believe us, this is most important and the key of success

* LEAD – Teams without leadership is getting caught almost every time!

* FOLLOW – Too many leaders in a group and no decisions will be made. Your time will run out as your flesh ripens and soon everyone will become the main course.

* LISTEN – Everyone on your team is equal and could very easily hold the creative genius inside of them that is required to find the key.

* WORK TOGETHER – Individualism is awesome! But it is a one way ticket to getting caught. There are challenges that could be found on Minute to Win It that take more than one person to conquer. 

* BELIEVE YOUR GROUP CAN ESCAPE! – Those that do escape, have to practice positive thinking and never give up no matter how much time is left. The majority of groups that escape do so with seconds on the clock in a movie like scenario that yields ample amounts of adrenaline!

Get ready to participate in one of the most valued added, adrenaline packed team building session you’ve ever done!

Experience 60 minutes and make your celebration as a team to an unforgettable and memorable excursion: Whether your Christmas party, a company outing, a summer party or event as part of an Assessment Center.

Live Escape Games are the perfect idea for your next company celebration. No boring choice of standard options! offers companies, services and colleagues a new kind of indoor entertainment. It is not only fun but is also good at promoting team spirit: Mastering our escape rooms requires teamwork and imagination after all. Our event location in Málaga offers a varied range of challenges. Whether older or younger colleagues, there is something for everyone.


  • 21 people at the same time in 3 rooms at our location in Málaga Center
  • Perfectly situated in the city centre in close proximity to many restaurants, bars, museums and everything.
  • Prices 2-4p 50€
  • 5p 60€
  • 6p 69€
  • 7p 77€
  • 8p 88€

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